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Why It’s Important to Have a Beautiful Muslim Home

Our home is the place where we find comfort and ease everyday. We all enjoy living in a home that welcomes us back at the end of a long, busy day. A beautiful home offers calm and peace and lifts our spirit.

A beautiful home is not limited by quantity, like how much space you have or the number of things you are able to buy. You don’t have to own a house to make it beautiful. You don’t need a big house to call it home. You can make a beautiful home with the space Allah(swt) has blessed you with. It’s your mindful efforts that make it comfortable and beautiful for everyone.

The Importance of  a Beautiful Home-

Why is it important to have a beautiful muslim home? What are the benefits of having a beautiful muslim home?

It’s important to have a beautiful muslim home because Allah(swt) is Al Jameel. Keeping a beautiful home gives you the opportunity to get closer to Allah(swt) through one of His attributes. All your efforts to keep a beautiful home can be dedicated to please Allah(swt) and you will get rewarded accordingly insha Allah. This is the best way to inspire yourself to do those chores that seems so tedious.

A beautiful home lifts your spirit almost instantly. An organized and clutter free home creates a positive, stress free vibe and everyone benefits from the positive environment. There is a place for everything which eliminates anxiety that comes from losing things too frequently

There is a correlation between a clean, well-organized home and the well being of the kids who are being raised there. An organized home fosters discipline and order and the kids learn to be organized from early on which is an invaluable life skill that they can always use.



The Steps to a Beautiful Muslim Home-

Clear clutter-

“Cleanliness is half the faith”. A clean and tidy home reduces stress. A lot of unnecessary things don’t bring us happiness, it brings stress and anxiety from having to organize them. So get rid of things that you don’t use anymore. Do not buy more storage containers to store things that you’re not sure when or if you will use, donate them instead.

Develop the habit of making your bed, putting away your clothes and keeping your kitchen sink free of dirty dishes. Start on 1 clutter free habit and stick to until the habit sets in before you move on to the next.

A clutter free home will help you to be less stressed out and more focused. You will find more time to connect with Allah(swt) when you’re relaxed.

Keep clean-

A clean environment is imperative for a peaceful home. You can’t relax in an unclean, dirty environment. But finding time to do all the clean up everyday can be difficult. Plan to clean your home in small but consistent steps. Designate 30 minutes/day to clean 1 area of your home, be it kitchen or bathroom. Just clean as much as you can in those 30 minutes, from picking up toys to scrubbing the baseboard. You will be surprised how much you cleaning up you can accomplish is these 30 minutes. Try to pick a time that consistently works for you so you always have a cleaner home.


Find a specific place for all the things you use regularly, like keys, purse etc. Give odds and ends that go together a new home, like electronic items in a box or sewing items in a container etc. Purge all unneeded papers, file or box what’s needed- labeling clearly. Pare down each closet, keeping only the items that fit you and look good on you.Tackle kitchen and bathroom cabinets, tossing unused, expired items. De junk all drawers and flat surfaces.

Keep it simple-

You don’t need a lot of things to have a beautiful home. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant or exotic to be beautiful. Add simple decoration pieces that’s pleasing to your eyes. Natural elements add a soothing and seasonal touch to any home. You can collect natural elements like rocks, pebbles, shells, pine cone, dried flowers or drift wood; add them to a glass bowl or big mason jar and use it to decorate your home. Wreaths dress up any door instantly and so do carefully selected art works on your walls.




Use beautiful things-

Use beautiful things in your home. Don’t save them in a container for better days or for another time when life is less chaotic. This is a trick from shaitan to keep you from enjoying what you’re blessed with right now. So take out those beautiful dishes and bed covers and use them everyday. Take good care of them so they last longer.


There is enormous blessing in aligning our actions to the attributes of Allah(swt). Our intention to transform our home into a beautiful one can transform the people who live there as well. After all, Allah(swt) is Beautiful and He loves beauty.













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