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Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home For Winter

“Time passes, and seasons too, but memories last forever.”


The weather is getting cooler where we live in California. I catch myself thinking about how we used to welcome winter in the East coast being dusted with snowy days, backyard igloo building and watching ducks finding their way on a frozen lake. It took some time to get used to the not-so-cold winters here but I can’t say I missed driving on icy roads or cleaning the driveway after another blizzard. It’s a bitter-sweet thing.

Although winter doesn’t knock on our door as loudly as it did before, we decorate our home for winter anyway. Decorating our home around the season (4 times a year) is one of our traditions to make our home beautiful. Like most traditions and all good things, this one takes effort and discipline. It involves planning and taking action based on those planning. I try to keep things simple and easy so the seasonal decorating can be done under 1 hour. I couldn’t do it if it had involved multiple trips to the stores and a lot of cost involving errands to keep up with the trends.

My family is a great inspiration for doing this. Your home is your kids’ world and every little effort to make it comfortable and beautiful gets notice even when it goes unmentioned. I always include and involve my kids in this simple endeavor of enjoying small things. They know by now the meaning of Forsythia in the vase, lanterns on the end tables, pumpkins on the mantel and the arrival of snowman bowl- the advent of another season alhamdulillah. It doesn’t take a lot of work to turn your home into an organized, beautiful living space. Especially when the steps involved boost happiness and contentment. The kids get a big kick out of it as a beautiful home increases positive vibe in them. They also learn to look forward to something fun and when you make them part of this process, you make the family bond stronger alhamdulillah..

I already had all the items that I needed to decorate my home alhamdulilah. The steps are pretty much the same every year and a lot of the decorations get reused every winter- adding or taking out something here and there to keep things interesting. This year, I bought a deep red tablecloth as the older one is kinda fading after many uses. I love the color of the new table-cloth but the crumbs stare at you after the meals since it a solid red color without any prints or patterns ;). I also added a new runner from Target.  The snowman fruit bowl is a repeat item from Kohl’s.

I gave a face-lift to my fireplace mantel by adding two vases on either side of my framed Quranic ayats. The mantel also got a wipe down in the process. I bought the vases from Michael’s about 10 years ago. They are in two different shades of red and looks simple and beautiful.

And lastly, I put a wreath on my front door. This wreath is semi homemade, meaning I bought the wreath from a craft store and then added the flowers, fruits and leaves to our liking. I still remember the day we shopped for these things with my kids and put together this beautiful wreath- deciding which fruits would go well and which wouldn’t, alhamdulillah.

Winter decoration can be tricky, especially when you shop for decorative items during this time of the year when the stores are filled with Christmas items which we don’t celebrate. It can be a challenge so you don’t bring a part of the festivity with you- it’s only natural for us human to be wanting to be part of a phenomena. I try to be careful when I decorate my home so my home doesn’t reflect what we don’t celebrate.

It takes time and effort to have a beautiful home. But time you spend in your home as a family will pass anyways- turning days into years- why not have something beautiful while we’re at it? Your home is a reflection of you and the people who call it home, any step that you take to improve your home is a step to self-awareness which is so very important for our growth as muslims.

I hope you can make some time to bring some positive and beautiful changes to your home. Do what you can with what you have now, if changing your table-cloth is all you can do this year- go for it. You’ll get the hang of it over the years insha Allah. Life is finite, make it beautiful while you can.

“The days are long, but the years are short”

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