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My Monthly Frugal Updates for October

This post will be a new feature on Simplymuslimmom that will be updated every month inshaAllah. Enjoy :).

We live a frugal life to live without debt and interest. Our frugal lifestyle motto is to live well, pay less. What does frugality mean to us?

  • Live a balanced life while taking control of our financial blessings.
  • Use high quality items that last longer so you end up paying less out of pocket.
  • Shop around for best prices.
  • Plan ahead to avoid last minute purchase.
  • Reuse, recycle repair and re-purpose as much as possible.

What frugality doesn’t mean for us-

  • Using poor quality items that cost next to nothing. Because, wasting natural resources is so not frugal.,
  • Buying something just because it’s free or almost free. These items create clutter and use up valuable time for organizing, clean up etc. We are frugal with money and time.
  • Having more things for less. Quality is the goal here, not quantity.
  • Beating us up over money mistakes and worrying about money.
  • Relying on “saved up money” for sustenance. The reliance is on The Sustainer, Allah(swt)

So here is our October update. I still have about $50 left and 4 days to go until November. Being under budget makes me pretty happy :)-

1. I made all the meals at home from scratch including take out lunches and desserts. I did run into a zero food situation on one of the days for lunch takeout and quickly fixed it with a frittata sandwich. This quick thought followed by fast action saved me at least $7.

2. I Used up 5 overripe bananas (I will spare you the pictures) and made 3 loaves of banana bread. I froze two of them for later use.

I also used a lone, very ripe pear that was sitting in my fridge and turned it into a scrumptious mid morning snack. Butter and brown sugar make everything better ;D.

3.We needed a swim top and found a good one on clearance at Target for $3.88. We don’t need it right now but we will need it soon enough. I’m buying it to avoid a “I need it now” situation. I love it when I can find a necessary item at a great price. All praise and thanks to Al Wahhab.

4. I returned a few items to Walmart before the receipts expired. Returned money is always a good thing.

5. I resisted the impulse to buy a hijab in a beautiful shade of blue at a great price. My net saving is $12. A lesson in self-control is the icing on the cake ;).

6. I scored this beautiful Fall tablecloth from Target for around $6.The tablecloth is from their Threshold brand and I like this brand for their good quality items. I have been on the lookout for a table cloth for Fall for almost 2 years as my other one has started to fade after 7 years of use. Patience is beautiful indeed ;).


7. I’m under budget and it’s a a great thing alhamdulillah.

How’s your frugal journey?


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