Frugal Tips

My 5 Frugal Things This Week

1. All the meals were homemade which was comprised of rice, curried meat and vegetables, burritos, quesadilla and kabab wraps.

2. The away from home lunches were homemade as well that produced zero waste. The sandwiches were wrapped in cloth napkins and then tucked inside reusable sandwich bags that I purchased from JC Penney a while ago. The fruits were wrapped in cloth napkins. Rice and curries were taken in a glass Pyrex container.


3. I spruced up and organized my closet for winter wardrobe. It took me an hour to make the switch since all my winter clothes can now fit into a 18 gallon storage container. Why is it frugal? I know exactly what I have in my closet and I don’t need to go shopping for any winter clothes except may be a long sweater. An organized closet allows me to get ready in less than 10 minutes. It’s frugal- saving time and money.

4. I’m reading Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin- a book that I borrowed from the library.

5. I bought 2 pairs of slippers for me and My husband and paid $20.03 in total, originally $30.00 each.


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