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10 Blessings That Never Get Old

Everyday we are showered with many blessings from Allah(swt). These blessing manifest in different ways, some have constant presence in our lives- breathing, heart beat etc., some blessings are consistent, like having all 20 fingers and toes, the ability to blink etc., and then there are innumerable blessed surprises like these-

1.When you find something that you thought you’d lost. It could be your kid that let go of your grip at the theme park (that felt like forever and you miss a heartbeat just thinking about it) or it could be your favorite hijab pin that was sequestered under your dresser and just found it after giving up hope for it.

2. When a meal turns out divine on a day when it just didn’t have it in you to schlep another dish from your kitchen.

3. When you’re running late to pick up your kid and all the traffic signals on your way turn green just in time.

4. You find the perfect shade of mauve hijab, the last one on the rack.

5. You help out your kid with something and he declares you’re the coolest mom ever. (when you’re like, really, that old thing, ha)

6. When you’re enjoying perfect weather at the beach. (the weather prediction was quite the opposite)

7. You just landed your dream job.

8. The moment you nail the direction when your GPS is not co operating. Bonus- the priceless  look on your husband’s face.

9. When a new habit kicks in, after many a 21 days of practice.

10. Cool breeze in your hair.

Alhamdulillah. He is indeed Al- Wahhab(swt).

Your turn to add the 11th.

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