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How to Prepare for the Most Important Event of Your Life

Imagine you’re going to have an exclusive meeting with this very important person. He is wealthy, educated, powerful and well connected. This meeting will be the opportunity of your lifetime because you want something from him. The outcome of this meeting can totally transform your life.

What would you do if you’d hoped for a meeting like this?

  • You’d find ways to remind yourself about this meeting so you’d show up on time.You’d set multiple alarms, ask someone to remind you, add notes to your phone etc.
  • You’d look your best in nice clothes, accessories etc. You’d make efforts to look and smell nice.
  • You would find a nice quiet place to talk, away from distractions and noise and try your best to keep focus.
  • You wouldn’t drift away nor would you get distracted.
  • You would be mindful about what you’re saying. You would be careful and mind your manners- not yawn or look away while talking.
  • All in all, you would be trying your best to make this meeting a successful endeavor. After all, this person has the power to change your life.

Is there any meeting more transformative and beneficial than our meeting with Allah(swt)? Who can take better care of our needs and wants than Him?

Let’s plan well we meet Al-Mujeeb (swt)-

  1. Pray on time– Make sincere plans to pray on time, preferably in the first hour of the prayer time. Update your calendar regularly and make efforts to stick to it. Set an alarm if you need to. Take effective actions to pray on time instead of wishing it would magically happen. Don’t forget shaitan is relentlessly after you so you delay or leave your prayer.
  2. Find a nice and clean place to pray– a nice and quiet corner free of distractions and noise is imperative for a meaningful communication. Pray on your best mat and keep it clean.
  3. Look great– Wear nice clothes when you pray. It’s a good habit to wear nice, clean clothes as if you’re anticipating company. Looking great lifts your spirit as well. And don’t forget to refresh your wudu. Your deliberate actions, no matter how small, reflects your intentions.
  4. Keep focus– Try your best to keep focus when you’re praying. Believe that you’re talking to someone who’s listening intently. Speak intentionally, slowly and clearly. Take time to decide which topics (your prayers) you will be focusing on today. Find a focal point on your mat to maintain attention and Keep brining your focus back to your conversation every time your mind seems to drift away. Don’t give up, even it’s the 39th time you’ve been thinking about that dress/friend/kid/song/movie- keep trying. The harder you try, the better your get.
  5. Etiquette– Act gracefully like someone is watching all your movement. Pay attention to your ruqu, sujud and when you sit down. Don’t go through your salah like you doing a sprint. Take care of your urgent matters and put out all the fires before you come to this meeting. Try your best to say the words as correctly as possible. And don’t yawn while you’re talking (reciting surahs).
  6. Express gratitude– Just like you’d say thank you after a meeting, express your gratitude after salah as well. Not feeling particularly grateful today? Act like you’re grateful anyways. And no, it doesn’t make you a fake muslim. In fact, you’re trying to obey Allah(swt) even when you don’t feel like it. Don’t rely on your feelings or your mood to be grateful.
  7. Pause and reflect– Take pause and remember this feeling of meeting with the One Who’s most amazing, to Whom belongs all attributes. Let this feeling imbue your spirit so you can motivate yourself to have more important meetings like this insha Allah.


We can only wish for a good outcome when we have a meeting with a person. We can hope for good but we must also be prepared for bad as an outcome as well. But when we meet with Allah(swt) we already know the result will always bring what’s best for us. The outcome of every meeting is always beneficial.

No two salahs are the same. You can never repeat a salah, it’s a one and only one-time meeting- a fabulous opportunity to get your duaa accepted. Yes, we have a busy life with temptations of so many distractions. Often, a salah seems to get in the way of something important we are doing.  But, put your salah on top of everything and you will notice how so much more productive you’d become insha Allah. And that’s what happens when you’ve established an excellent connection with Allah(swt) through your everyday meetings.


9 thoughts on “How to Prepare for the Most Important Event of Your Life

  1. No two salahs are the same. You can never repeat a salah, it’s a one and only one-time meeting- a fabulous opportunity to get your duaa accepted. …..Allhumdulliah…thank you for the reminder….wonderfully written post…

  2. I absolutely love this post; you’ve approached it very creatively Masha’Allah. Indeed Salah is like meeting Allah swt and we should be mindful of that. One thing that really helps me to concentrate on my prayers is to ensure that I know the meanings of the Surahs I recite. The Surahs in Arabic are on my lips during prayers but I try to keep the translation on my mind and that really helps me to focus.

  3. Beautiful reminder sis – loves the analogy you made it’s so true how similar it is yet we don’t prepare enough for it – may you be rewarded for all those you have reminded- jazakAllah Khayr!

  4. Masha’Allah JazakAllah Khair for sharing….important reminders and you are right in saying:

    ‘Is there any meeting more transformative and beneficial than our meeting with Allah(swt)?’

  5. It sounds cliche, but it is true…building your life around prayer puts you in the best state. Instead of mindlessly spending hours, we should focus on productivity and mindfulness. Jazak’Allah khair for the reminder.

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