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Too Busy to Look Pretty? You Can Become Hijabi Chic in 10 minutes

Looking graceful while wearing modest clothes is a dream come true for us hijabi sisters. It’s the best of both worlds, hijabi and chic. But what get’s in the way is what we all have- life. So, while a lot of us do have the intention to look beautiful and modest, what we don’t have is the time that it takes to be modest and beautiful. So, most of the time we reach out for convenience clothes – abaya, kurti or sweat or something that we can slip on in no time and head out. Because seriously, with a busy life as it it, who has more than 10 minutes to look chic in a hijab?

You do. Yes, from now on, you can look gracefully modest in 10 minutes. These ten minutes include a 2 part action plan-

Part 1 (6 minutes)-

  • Pick out and wear your outfit.
  • Fix your hair and get your hijab on.

Part 2 (4 minutes)-

  • Wear simple make up.
  • Put your shoes on.

Now, don’t panic and stop reading already. You will have plenty of time to practice until you automate being hijabi chic insha Allah.. You can start with 20 minutes and keep practicing until can get out in 10 minutes.

Here is the step by step guideline to achieve the gracefully modest look-

The steps to a hijabi chic you-

Pick out and wear your outfit-

An effective wardrobe is imperative for this step because you only have a few minutes to do this. You want to be able to choose your clothes without having to go through decision fatigue. It’s the “deciding-what-to-wear-when-I-have-nothing-that-looks-good-on-me dilemma that slows you down. You want to minimize this process and have a capsule wardrobe with what you have and what you can afford right now. Your capsule wardrobe contains only the pieces that flatter you, works for your body type and minimizes/eliminates multiple decision making before you head out. These carefully selected items are a big part of what makes getting out of the door possible in 10 minutes.

Fix your hair-

Fix your hair in way so the hairdo is hijab friendly, meaning, your beautiful hair is brushed and tucked into a bun/ponytail (depending on the length of your hair).

My hair fixing arsenal includes the following-

Hair brush-

Get a brush that’s sturdy and preferably comes in a set of 2 brushes so you have at least 1 brush when your kids run off the other one. Don’t get cheap ones as they break easily and the bristles come off easily.

Hair band-

You want hair ties that last a long time over many uses between you and your kids. Scunci brand is my favorite- they are well made, comes in great colors and last forever.

Hair Claw-

Once your is brushed and neatly done in a bun, you want to reinforce the hairdo with the claws. The claws ensure a neat looking hijab since they keep the hair in place, preventing you from looking disheveled . You can go about calmly without having to worry about if your hair is coming undone under the layers of hijab. I prefer the medium size claws as the don’t break easily like small ones and don’t add bulk like the big ones.

The whole fixing your hair process would take 1-2 minutes if you have the right tools at the right place. Make sure you have your brush, hair ties and claws- all in one place so you’re not running around looking for them.

Get Your Hijab On-

Like your hair fixing items, you want your hijab fixing items in order. If you’d build your capsule wardrobe already, you know by now what hijabs work best for you. Arrange these hijabs in a way so that they are ready to go- hung in your closet or folded in your dresser. Keep only the hijabs that looks good on you and covers you well so you’re not pulling here and tugging there for right coverage and modesty.



Have your hijab must haves organized and ready so you’re not looking for them while getting ready. I use the following items to help fix my hijab-

  • Hijab
  • Under hijab/ hijab cap
  • safety pins
  • Hijab pin (occasionally)

Practice wearing hijab in a way that covers well in minimal time. The simpler your hijab style, the less time it will take.

Simple make up-

SImple make up varies greatly. You want to look nice and chic- steering clear from looking provocative. A simple make up regimen can include a combination of any of the following items-

  • Sunscreen lotion
  • BB cream
  • Face powder
  • Eye pencil
  • Lip tint
  • Hand lotion

It takes time to get good at putting on make up fast and look great. It also takes time to get used to looking pretty. Especially, if you’re new to this. You don’t have to have a painted face with loud colors that screams for attention. You can have minimal makeup that only enhances your natural beauty and makes you look beautiful.


Organize your shoes in a way that suits your current lifestyle- shoes that are pretty and well made so you can chase your 2-year-old in style. My favorites are flats and wedges. They are beautiful and useful. You want to invest in great looking, well made shoes so you can make fewer trips to the shoe store and your feet are happy at the end of the day.Women's Classic Wedge Sandals

Bonus tips-

  1. Keep building your capsule wardrobe until you have an excellent collection of items that work for you.
  2. Be patient with yourself. It takes time to look hijabi chic in 10 minutes. Focus on one area at a time and improve until you can do it efficiently.
  3. Looking beautiful is not about more, it’s about less.
  4. Make looking beautiful as a mom a priority.
  5. Thank Allah(swt) for all His(swt) blessings, from your wardrobe to your looks.


8 thoughts on “Too Busy to Look Pretty? You Can Become Hijabi Chic in 10 minutes

  1. Thank-you this post has encourage to be ready in 10 mins – even though I pretty much wear black hijab most days! 🙂 the capsule wardrobe idea is fab! Something I need to to work on!

  2. Love those shoes! I actually just bought that brush last week and it is great! I love wearing simple shirt dresses that I can change cardigans/jackets/scarves to make look like different outfits. Although I always tend to have a more casual look. Great recommendations!

  3. Great tips thanks for sharing! Would love to see some tutorials or tips on wearing hijab… I’m always wearing it the same boring way & I see other hijabi’s looking amazing in theirs …. I need to know How! Lol

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