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Get Paid to Clear Clutter from your home

We all have clutter in some areas of our lives. This unuseful mass of stuff drains your mental energy because you know that you’re supposed to do something about these things and every time you look at them you take a mental note to postpone this dreadful event to “some other day”. This postponing takes time and creates stress. It’s like a tug of war between ” I should do” and ” I don’t want to do”. Clutter makes you feel guilty for all the money wasted on these things that were hardly used. You feel bad because you didn’t get the use out of these things. So you tuck these items under your bed, on top of your closet, way back in your drawer and send to the garage or basement in unmarked boxes- someday you’ll use them.

Why are these things are called clutter when the’re in mostly great shapes, some are even brand new? They are clutter because you have no use for them in your life now and you don’t have any plans to use them in the future either. These items do not serve you as you’d planned and just collecting dust. You can’t have a beautiful, organized home when you have so much clutter and disarray in your house.

But, parting with these items can be hard. After all, you’ve spent so much time, money and energy after buying, sorting and organizing them. It’s only after you get rid of these things you will realize how much more space you actually have in your home. So here are a few ways to motivate yourself to live without clutter. The idea is to sell the items that have a good resale value so all is not lost.

Here are a few ways you can get paid to clear your clutter-

Clothes and accessories-

You can sell your clothes and accessories on Poshmark and retrieve some of the cost. Got too many tops, dresses, pants, handbags, costume jewelry, hijabs etc? You can sell them on Poshmark- an app for buying and selling women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing and accessories. It’s sort of like a huge online thrift store and they have a great variety of items in many brands, sizes, and styles. Poshmark has great protections for both buyers and sellers, making it a place where you can buy and sell with peace of mind. I have bought and sold clothes from Poshmark myself and highly recommend them.

** Simplymuslimmom is not affiliated with Poshmark.

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There are other places where you can sell your clothes and accessories as well, like ThredUp, eBay etc. But Poshmark is my favorite because the process of selling (and buying) is simple enough for a busy mom, I’m pleased with their policy and the experience has been very positive so far Alhamdulillah.

How to sell on Poshmark-

Sort & Select items- 

  • Go to each shelve, closet and storage box in your home where you keep/store your clothes and accessories. Tackle one corner/shelf/room everyday so you’re not revisiting these areas and complete what you’ve started. Take small but consistent steps. If 15 minutes per day is all you have then use every minute of it to declutter a certain part of your home- even it’s clearing our 1 drawer or half a shelf.
  • Go over each item and add them to one of these piles- keep, sell, give away, discard
  • Only select the items for selling that you’d buy yourself.
  • If it’s used, have it laundered and ironed ( you can do it yourself as well)
  • Store them neatly on a shelf or in a box so they are ready to go.

Listing Fees-

  • All listings on Poshmark are free.
  • All items under $15, Poshmark charges a flat $2.95 fee.
  • Above $15, Poshmark charges a 20% fee.
  • Buyer pays the shipping fee.


Pictures say a thousand words! You can add up to 4 images per listing so take advantage of them. Natural lighting is ideal for displaying the color of the item accurately. Take multiple pictures from different angles. Style your items with others pieces you have for sale to create a bundle. Take photos of multiple items at the same time to make the photo taking process simple and efficient.


Use precise, descriptive words in your title to help customers find the right listing. Include make, color, patterns etc to give the buyers a clearer picture of your item. Disclose any wear and tear to give an honest description of what you’re selling.


Price you items based on what similar items are selling on Poshmark. Add a little extra to leave room for bargaining, price drop etc.


All Poshmark items are shipped USPS Priority and buyers pay shipping. The shipping fee is $6.49. Poshmark offers promotional shipping discounts every now then.

You’ll get a mailing label sent to your email when your item is sold. You’ll need to print out the label and stick it on your package. You can reuse boxes to ship your item. Or, you can pick up some USPS Priority shipping boxes from your post office to make shipping fast and easy for you.

You can go here for more information on how to sell on Poshmark.



As avid readers and collectors of old books we have a lot of books in our home alhamdulillah. A virtue overdone can become a vice and books can be a perfect example of that. I get books from everywhere- library to online consignment stores and if I’m not careful I’d have books piled everywhere. Disorganized books create clutter and gather dust just like any other item. So once I’m done learning from them, I return, sell or donate my books. Of course there are a few ( ok, quite a few) books that are total keepers and perusing them is just as much or more fun as it was the first time.

You can sell books on online- eBay, Amazon, Bookscouter, Cash4books, Sellbackyourbook etc and at your local Half Price book stores or consignment stores. A caveat for selling booksis that it will not bring you a ton of money unless you have rare books in great condition or you have a huge collection of books. You’re likely to get a fraction of what you’d paid as full price for your books. But, if you’re organized and diligent then the cash can trickle down to something sizable over time (and patience). I keep a perpetual book selling container in my garage and sell the books when every few months the box is full . The books that have good resale value get added to the box so they are not strewn all of the house creating clutter. The books that don’t have a good resale value go to the give away or donation pile.

Household goods-


There are a number of places online to sell your unwanted household items but my favorite is still the good old I have bought and sold a number of items on from strollers to cars. Although it has become commercialized over the years and have had issues with spammers, fraud etc, I didn’t encounter any problem so far Alhamdulillah. Practice caution and do not ask anyone to pick up an item from your home if you’re selling something on Instead, choose to meet at a mutually agreed upon public place like a library or a grocery store.

If you have too many items to enlist on the then you might want to consider doing a yard sale or a garage sale. You can start by putting away items on a box and when you have plenty of items you can start for planning to have a garage sale.

Don’t have enough items to do a yard sale? Ask a friend or a neighbor to join you so both of you can make some extra cash off of your clutter.

Collectibles and vintage items-

You can sell collectibles and vintage items on eBay and make some extra money. Look up prices for your items before you add them to your listing so you’re pricing them right.

Tips for selling-

  • Selling your stuff takes time- from sorting to shipping, be patient.
  • Carve out time for what it takes to sell- listing, taking pictures, managing accounts, communicating with buyers, promoting, packaging, shipping etc. Develop a system that works for you given the time, resources and abilities you have now.
  • Take heart. What you may make from selling your unwanted items can seem small but the blessing in halal income is immense- especially when you’re doing it to live without debt and interest.
  • Have a plan for what you’re making from selling the clutter. You can add it to your emergency fund or save to invest in halal investment projects etc. Don’t waste this money thinking you’d have given away the things anyways so it’s ok to waste the money.
  • You can also use the money to support a cause that resonates with you. You can save up and give for sadaqa zariya- perpetual charity, like sponsoring an orphan, pay for education or school supplies for a school, help fund to supply water or a for a project at your local masjid. You can also donate to local food banks, soup kitchens, shelters etc.


“And the likeness of those who spend their wealth seeking Allâh’s pleasure while they in their own-selves are sure and certain that Allâh will reward them (for their spending in His cause), is the likeness of a garden on a height; heavy rain falls on it and it doubles its yield of harvest. And if it does not receive heavy rain, light rain suffices it. And Allâh is All-Seer of (knows well) what you do. (2:265)”







13 thoughts on “Get Paid to Clear Clutter from your home

  1. I had a massive clear out maybe 7 months ago while i was pregnant. I have a build up again! I really dont know where it all comes from. I think i need to be ruthless and sell it. Thanks for the tips 🙂

  2. A very useful article to help people declutter stuff. Ma shaa Allah. It plays an important role in mental health. It is one of our challenge in pre-ramadhan productivity course – in the productivity journal for Muslims 💜

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