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Five Frugal Things This Week 2/9/18

1. Almost all the meals were homemade except for two. One of the meals was dinner at a restaurant so we could enjoy Superbowl. The other one was a frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s- to avoid a take out situation. I made hash brown, and baked oatmeal raisin cookies for snacks- both were devoured and appreciated, alhamdulillah.


2. I went to our local public library book-sale and found great deals on used books. What can I say, I’m a book lover, and used books are a frugal dream come true for avid readers who are trying to save money on books. Some of the stellar books that I found this time are- A dinosaur pop up book by Robert Sabuda (love his work), Tools of the Titans by Tim Ferris, a beautifully illustrated mystery book by Enid Blyton, a Clue book and How to Cook Everything The Basics by Mark Bittman.



3. I found a beautiful lace top at Target at a great bargain. This will make a great Eid gift for a girl who reads my blog, so I can’t share more details. I shop for Eid gifts all year round to avoid urgent shopping during Ramadan. I bought this top using a gift card that I’d received from participating a survey.

4. I made a few returns to Lands End that didn’t work out for us. The local Sears is closing soon, so grateful that we made it in time for the returns.

5. I received a check for $23 from Ebates. This is on top of buying things on sale/clearance, using coupons/discount and getting cash back bonus from credit cards. I highly recommend Ebates to moms who want to save money without spending a lot of time and energy. Ebates send you a check every quarter and it’s amazing how little frugal tricks like this can trickle down to something sizable. It’s simple and easy. No free halal money is too little. Check out Ebates here.

Did you do anything frugal this week? Please share!



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