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Five Frugal Things This Week 2/2/18

1. This week’s meals were made from scratch at home. I did get 2 frozen pizzas for emergency meals but so far so good, didn’t have to use any of them alhamdulillah. I saved some limp turnip and cabbage from the fridge that provided us with healthy sides for our meals. I also used up some overripe bananas that didn’t look happy and now we have a banana bread with a crunchy top for snacks in the freezer. I slice the bread before freezing and a quick toss in the toaster gives them the freshly bakes taste. When I bake, I usually make at least 2 things to make the most out my kitchen time. This time I made some apple muffins and shortbread cookies.


2. We went to see ballet- act 3 of Sleeping Beauty, where the prince and princess gets married :). The performance was great to watch. I can’t share any pictures with you guys since we were not allowed to take any pictures during the show. But, I do have one of the theater-


How is it frugal, you ask, since the ballet tickets can set you back hundreds of dollars? It’s because the show was part of a school field trip and the parents were allowed to participate for free as chaperons. It’s a great opportunity for art lovers.

3. I received a $10 gift card from Macy’s and I spent it to buy a long sweat shirt.

4. I bought some bread that were on a super sale but the store didn’t have enough on their shelves. I asked for a rain-check so I can get some later at the same great bargain. I love rain checks.

5. I got a hair cut. How I look matters and getting a great hair cut is a big part of looking beautiful. It also makes wearing hijab a breeze. Can I save money by not getting a hair cut or asking a friend/husband/my kids for one? Yes. But there are some things that you can’t put a price on, like how light it feels after you thin out your hair for simpler hijab days, how beautiful you look with the right cut and the uninterrupted hour you enjoy during a hair cut etc.

Did you do anything frugal this week? Please share :).

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