Salam and hello! Welcome to Simply Muslim Mom. I am Farhana and I’m the writer and photographer of this blog. I like to write about simplifying life and in this blog you will find tips and ideas that will inspire you to live a simpler and fulfilling life insha Allah.

Why simplifying life? Because I’m a muslim mom of two children who wants to follow Islam with mindfulness. Allah(swt) grants each of us with amazing blessings through challenges and opportunities. And I want a simple life so I can hold onto the hot coal with a little more love and focus.

I like to learn new skills, read, make arts & crafts, follow 21 day habits, find inspirational quotes and challenge myself to live by them. I practice interest and debt free living, mindful spending, green living and minimizing carbon footprints.  I enjoy writing, doing yoga and meditation. I love to spend time with my family and friends.


Do you have something on your mind that you would like me to address? A question or a concern? Email me at farhanasharmeen@hotmail.com












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