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9 Simple Ways to a More Peaceful Home

A peaceful home is the place we all look forward to at the end of a long, busy day. You eagerly wait to come back to a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Over the years we have called a few places homes, from small apartments to large houses but our focus always remained the same- to create a peaceful home. It was fairly easy in the beginning when we moved to our first apartment. Keeping the apartment nice and  organized was easy since we lived on a tight budget from a T.A paycheck and we had very few things (most of which were passed down from other students). We are not on a tight budget anymore alhamdulillah but I still try keep a tidy and peaceful home no matter where we live.

Allah(swt) has blessed you with a place so make time to turn it into a home that offers your calm and bliss. Here are 9 ways to transform your home into a more peaceful one-

1. Get rid of clutter-

Clutter creates stress and anxiety. If you are running around the house continuously searching for keys, wallet, important papers etc, you are draining your energy. Get rid of things you don’t actively use. Don’t save things for “what if” situations and don’t hang on to stuff because of nostalgia.

Designate one space for the things that you use regularly and put them back once your are done using them. Develop the habit of making your bed, putting away your clothes and keeping your kitchen sink free of dirty dishes. Start on 1 clutter free habit and stick to until the habit sets in before you move on to the next.

A clutter free home will help you to be less stressed out and more focused. You will find more time to connect with Allah(swt) when you’re relaxed.


2. Keep clean-

A clean environment is imperative for a peaceful home. You can’t relax in an unclean, dirty environment. But finding time to do all the clean up everyday can be difficult. Plan to clean your home in small but consistent steps. Designate 30 minutes/day to clean 1 area of your home, be it kitchen or bathroom. Just clean as much as you can in those 30 minutes, from picking up toys to scrubbing the baseboard. You will be surprised how much you cleaning up you can accomplish is these 30 minutes. Try to pick a time that consistently works for you so you always have a cleaner home.

3. Add natural elements to your home-

House plants-

House plants make any room more calming. They create a harmonious environment while cleaning and filtering the air. Just go to your local nursery and pick a plant that fits your budget. Spider plant and Chinese evergreen are two houseplants that can help you breathe better. And don’t forget cactus plants.



Terrariums are great for small spaces when you don’t have room for house plants. Terrariums allow you to add green to your home which improves your mood and minimizes funky days, specially during winter time. These small gardens are simple, easy to make and low maintenance.

Showcase natural elements-

Natural elements add a soothing and seasonal touch to any home. You can collect natural elements like rocks, pebbles, shells, pine cone, dried flowers or drift wood; add them to a glass bowl or big mason jar and use it to decorate your home. You can change the display according to the season. Here is what we collected over the last few summers-


4. Add soothing sounds-

I bought a wind chime from Joann during their 70% summer sale and it was one of the best purchases I made for my home. It hangs on our front porch and we can hear the soothing sound whenever there is a breeze. The sound of a wind chime varies depending on the material used to make them, so pick one that has a calming sound effect on you.


5. Create calming visuals-

our eyes and spirits benefit from seeing out and beyond. Play with natural light in your home and open shades and curtains welcoming in the view outside. If the view is not very pleasant, use curtains to play down the view but let in the natural light.




Decorate your home with mindfulness. Have only a few number of items that’s visually appealing and easy to keep clean. Pick the right number, size and colors of accessories for a restful home.

Add artworks to your rooms that are uplifting and relaxing, like landscape, seascapes, your favorite quote, an ayah from Quran etc. Choose art wisely and keep them sparse so your walls don’t look cluttered.



6. Create a space for peace and calm-

Make an area or a corner of a room a place for spiritual reflection and a shelter from noise and distraction. Use a rug, pillows for seating, coloring books, pencils and dhikr beads to calm you, soothing sound and good books to create a place where you can relax. Use curtains to block out strong, direct sunlight.



7. Have a nice smelling home-

A clean home naturally smells nice and you can enhance it by bringing fresh flowers, adding houseplants, burning natural candles, and incense or fragrant oils. Just make sure the candles, oils and incense are made with natural ingredients.

8. Make simple changes-

The easiest way to give your home a fresh look is to change a room’s looks with the seasons. You can get seasonal decoration at a bargain during the end of season clearance and use it for the next year. Just be sure not to get carried away with the sale to avoid clutter.

Rearranging your furniture gives any room an instant face lift without any cost. You can get a complete new look just by moving your furniture and appreciate your home in way you didn’t before.

9. Practice gratitude-

Practicing gratitude not only lifts you up but also give your home a positive vibe. Look for all the things in your home that makes you happy- may be it’s the light that changes every season or how the floor feels under your feet when you’re enduring long hours in the kitchen. It could be how quiet the house is before everyone is up or how you enjoy praying in one corner of your bedroom. Look for positive things about your home, thank Allah(swt) for this wonderful blessing and you will find you and your home in great spirits.

I hope you can benefit from these tips and take time to transform your home to a more peaceful one insha Allah.



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