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8 Tips to Simplify Your Spare Hijabs

How do you know if you have a few too many hijabs?
If you open your hijab drawer and feel lost then you’ve got too many hijabs.
If you’re getting ready and it’s taking forever to pick a hijab because you have so many of them then you have too many spares.
And if you just bought a hijab only to find that you have another hijab in the same color and shade and you have no idea where it came from then sister, you have too many hijabs.
A friend once gave me a blue Amira hijab after she came back from her trip to Jordan. She told me she picked this color because she sees me wearing a blue hijab all the time, “you must like that hijab a lot”- I laughed when she said that because that was the only hijab that I owned and wore it all the time. Fast forward 15 years, now I have many hijabs in beautiful colors alhamdulillah. And like you, I too reach for the same hijabs again and again.
So here are a few things that you can do with your spare hijabs-

Sort them-

Hijabs tend to fall under 2 categories-
  1. You like the hijab and You wear it. ( it looks good on you, you like the color, fabric, size, shape, it stays put etc.)
  2. I like the hijab but I don’t wear it. ( it doesn’t look good on you, I bought it because it was so cheap, my sister-in-law looked good in it so I bought one too, received as a gift from husband, wrong size, shape, uncomfortable fabric that doesn’t stay put etc.)
Sort all your hijabs into 2 piles. This won’t be easy in the beginning because your mind will try to come up with all kinds of excuses to keep them, like what if you changed your mind one day and started loving that neon orange hijab? Or, you have kept them for 12 years, a few more won’t hurt. And then, you have wasted so much money on these hijabs and now you will just give them away? And lastly, what if your husband/mother in law/ sister finds out you gave away the hijab they gave you for Eid in circa 2001?
So take a deep breath and keep on working toward sorting your hijab collections into 2 piles. Because, by now you’re familiar with your hijab style and know which hijabs you will be wearing as you head out. Knowing your hijab tendencies is such a time, money and energy saver, subhanAllah!

Organize the keepers-

The hijabs that made it to the ” I like the hijab and I wear it” pile now can go to your hijab drawer or closet. Before you put them away, look for any holes to be mended, any stains to be treated, any snag to be fixed etc. If you come across any of those, take care of the issues as soon as you can. Don’t put away until they are fixed.

Clear the clutter-

The pile of hijabs that didn’t make the cut is creating the clutter in your drawer or closet and also on your mind. Every time you looked at them you felt guilty of not wearing a hijab that you’d spent good money on or your mom gave it you for your birthday but that’s so not your color. Give yourself permission to live free of this negative feeling and start clearing the clutter using the following ways-

Sell them-

You can sell your unwanted hijabs on online consignment stores like Poshmark, Thred Up etc, eBay or at your local thrift or consignment store.

Give them away-

Ask your friends on social media if they want any of your hijabs that you don’t want any more but are in excellent condition. Don’t forget to take pictures before you ask them for faster response ;). Have the hijabs laundered before they are picked.

Have a hijab swap party-

Organize a hijab swap party and have sisters over for some fun time. You can ask your guests to bring a dessert to share and offer tea or coffee to go with the desserts and a have a great time.

Donate them-

Find a thrift store or consignment store that takes hijabs aka scarves. Sometime you can donate them at your local masjid as well. Call ahead and make sure if this donation is accepted before you drop of a big box hijabs.

Reuse them-

You can make hijabs and clothes with your unwanted hijabs for your kids’ dolls.
 Add them to your kids’ dress up clothes bin.
 Keep one or two as spare hijabs in your car for a hijab emergency.
Once you clear the clutter of too many spare hijabs you will feel much better insha Allah. No more piles of hijabs staring at you. And no more neon prints teasing you.
Feel free to share if you have a tip for spare hijabs.