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7 Simple Tips to Get Ready for a Great Eid-al Adha

I feel like I’m not quite out of Ramadan yet and Eid- al- Adha is already around the corner, alhamdulillah. I like to be prepared for Eids so they are celebrated the way they deserve to be celebrated- with best spirits and meaningful traditions. I wouldn’t be able to do all most of what I want to do for Eid if I didn’t have a plan for it. For me, the key is to stay balanced between a clean and tidy house, have fun while making and putting up Eid decorations and make special food for Eid. Once I got a little carried away with a clean home and didn’t have much energy left for cooking.

Planning may sound like anti fun but you will love it when you have an organized and clean house on Eid day. And everything else seems to fall into places once “clean house” is taken care of.

What else can you do to plan better for Eid al Adha this year?

1.Take care of Udhiya/Qubani-

Make a decision about Udhiya/Qurbani if you hadn’t done so already. if you’re doing it locally, make arrangements to pick up the meat and prepare to store it well. We like to donate our Udhiya/Qurbani money to Helping Hand so families who rarely eat meat due to financial restrictions can have some meat for Eid. They distribute meat all over the world. Here is their information (not affiliated) if you’re interested-

2. Do a Hajj craft with kids-

Doing a Hajj craft with kids doesn’t have to be all DIY just because you’re doing it at home. You can look up something on Pinterest and do the crafts that work for you.

Here is how to make a sheep with your kids-

Here is how to explain Hajj to kids-

Here is a game to explain Hajj to kids-

More crafts/activities about Hajj-

3. Get your Eid gifts ready-

If you have made/bought something for your family members already, great, mashaAllah! If you haven’t, then get to it! Make it at home, go to the mall or order online to avoid last minute shopping. I like to take my kids out for shopping just for Eid as a tradition like I used to it with my family. It makes great memories. And please remember to use reusable gift bags.

Image result for gift bag

4. Make a Eid menu-

Meal planning is such a life saver for me. It works wonders for Eid as well. My plan is to ask my family members what they want for Eid and make a meal plan accordingly. Once that’s taken care of, all I have to do is to do grocery shopping for Eid. The meals don’t have to be extravagant or super complicated, we are pretty happy with biriany and a cake.

5. Clean your house-

Yes, that. It may not sound as fun as the others but you will feel so much better in a cleaner house, specially on a Eid day. So tackle the bedrooms this week, living/dining/den/office spaces the next and clean your bathrooms the following week. And while you’re at it, donate anything that you don’t use anymore.

6. Decorate your home-

We love decorating the house for Eid. I love the seasonal changes that take place gradually over the years, I get to add seasonal touches to to our Eid decorations, alhamdulillah. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your home look lovely. Simple decorations like fresh flowers, wreaths, Islamic decorations, lanterns, banners or tapestries can add a touch of Eid spirit to your home. We love to hang string lights for Eid. Involve the kids to hang decorations or even make some with them.

7. Accept imperfection and be grateful-

We don’t always get what we want and life throws you a lemon (or lemons!) every now and then. Try your best to look for good when you find yourself in a not so desirable circumstance. It’s easier said than done, but just so you know I have done it many times myself! Being patient and having a positive attitude help you to keep calm and carry on.

Be grateful for what you have right now. Notice the small things that bring joy to your life. And thank Allah(swt) for His consistent blessings and surprise gifts. You will find more of of both when you look for them insha Allah.

I hope you find these tips beneficial. Eid Mubarak to you and your family.


















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