7 Simple Tips to Find Time for Your Hobbies

Do you like to make things, learn new skills and try new hobbies? I do too! I started working with watercolor lately and loving every minute of it. There is so much to learn and make these days, thanks to wonderful books, Pinterest, YouTube and so much more. But, finding time to pursue a hobby can be a challenge. You might like to try your hand at making jewelry but find yourself folding laundry, again!

So, here is what you can do to make amazing things-

1. Make a list of 12 hobbies that you’d like to try-

Make a list of 12 hobbies that you would like to pursue. Why 12 hobbies? So you can try something wonderful every month. Don’t worry about time and resources just yet. Just jot down what intrigues you, what you find yourself being drawn to time and time again and all the things you wish you were good at creating- from quilling to quilt making.

2. Plan for your hobby-

Assign when and where to your hobby. For example,

What- Watercolor

When- 7:00-8:00 am, Saturday and Wednesday

Where- Home office

Pick a time and place that works for you. If you like to work with people, may be you can invite your friends and work together on a project. You can take turns to host it or reserve a room at the public library.

3. Set reminders-

Treat your hobby time like an appointment. Use reminders that had worked for you in the past- write down on your planner, set alarm on your phone and if you have a white board like I do, use it to remind yourself using the brightest marker you have.

4. Start small-

Take small steps so you don’t feel overwhelmed by your hobby. This is supposed to be fun, something to look forward to, not something you’d dread. When I started my watercolor project I just wanted to paint watercolor flowers. So I bought my watercolor supplies from a craft store, looked up this YouTube video and started working on it. I didn’t purchase a lot of supplies, just the basics and I used my 50% coupon at Michael’s.

5. Show up and stick to it-

It can be a challenge to stick to a habit, even it is something you truly enjoy. So take care of your distractions and remind yourself that you will get to that email/text/call/update once you have put some effort toward your hobby. Don’t worry about the outcome, just show up and put your best effort. Don’t wait for motivation to start working on your hobby. Start working on your project and you will find motivation.

Remember this-

Action→ Inspiration→ Motivation

6. Don’t compare-

It’s easy to become frustrated or even disappointed when you’re trying something new. You’re unfamiliar with this new hobby and may feel discomfort from treading water. You can look at others work and feel inferior. But comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle will only makes things worse. So be kind to yourself and enjoy the journey, soon you will love the destination as well.

7. Find gratitude in your work-

Enjoy what you’re doing. Be grateful for the space, the abilities and the resources that you’ve been blessed with. Look for small blessings in your work and be grateful for the journey of creating beautiful things.

I wish you all the best in your new endeavor. Now, make time for yourself, learn something new, start small and keep at it. And do share pictures!



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