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7 Last Minute Eid Gift Ideas for Kids

I just placed an order for Eid gifts last night, thanks to a week-long cold. If you are not sure what to get for your kids or was not able to get around to doing it because life happened, this list will help you with toy ideas for kids 3- 13. These are all available on Amazon, just a click away.

1. Wooden Kitchen Set-

Hape Kitchen Play set for boys and girls. This is a great set that includes accessories as well.



2. Wooden Train sets-

These sets can keep your little ones busy for hours. Just keep an eye out for the small pieces.


3. Weaving loom set-

We have made so many blankets for our American girl dolls with this loom set. This loom is great for improving fine motor skills.

4. LEGO creator set-

LEGO. Enough said ;).

5.Klutz books-

We love Klutz books and have so many of them. If you want to try a craft or you’re looking for a new hobby, get these books. We learned all sorts of things using these books, from quilling to felting animals.


6. Calico Critters-

Calico Critters is a toy collection of adorable animal figurines that come with cute playhouses and accessories. These are well made, great quality toys and so cute. The Bunny critters are on sale at Amazon for $9.73 (regular price $24.99)



7. American Girl dolls-

American girl dolls are well made dolls that last for years. These dolls are sold with accompanying books that are told from the viewpoint of the girls. Originally the stories focused on various periods of U.S history, but were expanded later to include characters and stories from modern life. You also have the option to purchase dolls that  resemble your kids. The options for the line of Truly Me dolls range from eye color, eye shape, skin color, hair texture, and hair length. A variety of related clothing and accessories is also available for purchase. Or, you can have fun making them with your kids.

We have the Josefina and the Kaya dolls and we love the mini dolls as well.

I hope this shopping guide helps you with your Eid shopping for your kids.

Eid Mubarak to you and your family.











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