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5 Simple Hair Care Tips for Hijabi Moms

What is hijab hair? Simply put, It’s hair that’s sequestered under your hijab.

Why care for hijab hair when anyone hardly sees your hair? Because you can see it before anyone else does and that’s what matters most (and your dear husband and kids of course). It’s really important to care for your hair if your wear hijab, especially when your hair gets tucked away for long hours every day. Why? Because when your hair is covered under layers of under hijab, hijab cap and the hijab itself, the hair is trapped. All sorts of hair issues can manifest from the moisture that is trapped inside your hair which doesn’t completely dry as you carry on the day with your hijab on.

But who has the time, right? You’re glad if you can take a 5 minute shower every other day!!! So here are a few things you can do to care for your hair when you’re a busy mom with many chores and responsibilities-


  • Find a great quality shampoo that works for your hair type. You do not need an expensive brand nor do you need any exotic herbal blend for your shampoo to be great. The fewer toxic chemicals (Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Paraben to name a few) are in your shampoo, the better for you. I use Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Shampoo. It’s under $5, has mostly natural ingredients and does a great job keeping my hair clean and in great shape alhamdulillah.

Trader Joes Nourish Spa Balanced Moisturizing Shampoo

  • Shampoo your hair as needed.
  • Don’t use huge amounts of shampoo. It damages your hair. Shampoo your hair as needed. Dilute your shampoo with water, diluting makes it easier to apply on your hair and you will need less shampoo. Be gentle with your hair and scalp, try to stop the urge to scratch your scalp.
  • Rinse your hair under cold water after you finish shampooing. Hot water will damage your hair.


  • The best way to dry your hair is to towel dry it gently and then let the air take care of the rest of the drying.
  • Be gentle when towel drying hair. rubbing too vigorously can split your hair. Old tee shirts are great for drying your hair.
  • Don’t blow dry your hair too frequently. It damages and stresses your hair. Instead, plan your shower so you have plenty of time to dry your hair.
  • If you must blow dry because of a time crunch, towel dry the hair roots as much as you can and then blow dry on low heat to minimize damage.


  • Do not brush or comb wet hair. Your hair is fragile when it’s wet and you’ll lose more hair if you brush your hair when it’s wet. Wait until your hair is dry and then gently brush your hair with a hair brush.
  • I like to brush my hair with a hair brush and then use a comb to make a neat bun that stays put with 1-2 hair claw clips.
  • Invest in good hair brushes, combs and clips.

Hijab & Hair-

  • Avoid the habit of tucking wet hair into a bun and wearing your hijab when your hair is wet. This habit will weaken the hair follicles and make hair strands brittle. It will also encourage mildew growth, wet dandruff and unpleasant smelling hair.
  • If your hair is damp from sweat, find a place where you can take of your hijab, pat dry your scalp with a handkerchief or napkin. Toilet paper will work too if nothing else is available.
  • Don’t tie your hair too tightly, as this encourages hair loss.
  • Wash your under caps, under hijabs often.
  • Air dry your under caps, under hijabs and hijabs before you fold and put them away.
  • When you’re home after a long day, take a few minutes to brush your hair.
  • Keep your hair short for easier maintenance.

Extra care-

The above tips will work well for you if you’re really pressed on time. But if you have a few extra minutes for your locks of hair then you can do the following-

  • Massage your scalp with a natural hair oil like coconut, olive or argan oil which promote nourishment and growth for hair. You can do this at night (cover your pillow with an old t shirt) and then shampoo in the morning.
  • Add Tea Tree Oil to you shampoo to prevent and heal dandruff issues, itchy scalp and to improve the quality of you hair in general. Add a few drops to your shampoo or to your hair oil for great benefits insha Allah.
  • Trim your hair ends when you have split ends..

Should you cut your hair?

I think a good hair cut makes a huge difference on you how you look and how you feel about yourself. Cutting your hair in a way that complements your hair can make you feel great about yourself. Getting rid of unwanted hair can be a cathartic experience, especially if you have been keeping your long hair because of cultural conditioning. The extra hair takes more time to wash and care, more time to dry and you carry all that weight in your hijab causing you to have frequent headaches.

Still not sure if you should cut your hair? Ask yourself if it’s adding value to your life or reducing value from your life. Are you doing it for yourself or trying to please someone else by carrying this burden with you?

If you’re up for a hair cut, find a hair salon that offers hair cut for hijabi women. Sometimes a salon would create a little nook at the end of the shop for you to have a hair cut. You can ask them if you can come early for a hair cut so no men can see you. You can also invite a few sisters in your home and have a hair cutting party.

Ask around for hair stylist recommendations or look up reviews for the salon you plan to visit. Ask you hair stylist for suggestion and then go with the one that would look best with the shape of your face. Don’t forget to ask Allah(swt) guidance :).

Here is where you can donate your hair for people who lost their hair from a medical diagnosis like cancer-


Remember, Allah(swt) is Al Jameel and He(swt) loves beauty. Your chores and responsibilities won’t stop to make time for you to take care of yourself. You must make time for it, even it’s only for a few minutes a day. Take time to care for your hair and look beautiful insha Allah.


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