Frugal Tips

My 5 Frugal Things from This Week

1. I returned a few to things to Macy’s. I didn’t do any shopping while I was there. Win win.

2. I made all the meals at home except for 1 frozen pizza from Traders Joe’s. These pizzas are sanity savers that serve 2 people, still way cheaper than take outs.

3. We are doing the seasonal closet spruce up (we do it twice a year) and we won’t need to buy anything for this season alhamdulillah. The winter wardrobe is planned carefully with well made clothes that last long and can be passed down to the next sibling. A winter jacket made it to the wardrobe that I bought 5 years ago from Lands End.

4. I mended a pot holder. The loop got burned from a little accident at the kitchen. I have had the pot holders for almost 8 years and I’m not ready to part ways yet.

5. We visited a local zoo and enjoyed a zero waste lunch comprised or pizza, pasta and chocolate chip cookies. We found a free parking which was a few minutes walk from the zoo. There were a few pressed penny machines at the zoo that provided us with souvenirs to our increasing pressed penny collection. Alhamdulillah.