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5 Frugal Things This week 1/26/18

1. We fasted most of the week and had iftar at home most of the time. On one night though, we had to have iftar at our local masjid since we had a class to attend right before iftar. The meal was a homemade takeout endeavor in Tupperware boxes and cloth napkins. I made goat biryani and potato cakes for iftar. Our appetizer and dessert were dates.

I also made a double batch of cupcakes during one of my baking classes. These cupcakes, with the leftover vanilla buttercream icing will do great for making enticing desserts. If you’re into clean eating, Whole Foods have all natural food colors that turn out really great. They come in a pack of 3- Red, Blue and Green. The Sprinkles are made with natural ingredients as well. You can find them at Sprouts and Whole Foods.



2. We indulged into some nail polish. I use Mineral Fusion make up and grabbed 2 nail polish at a 25% off sale at Sprouts. I also used 2 $3 off coupon, which made each nail polish around $4.00 (regular price $10.00 each).


3. I had to make a milk run in the middle of the week since the milk we had turned sour. I know there are brave souls who would use this milk in a pinch but I decided not to do any experiments. So I went to the store and grabbed milk, butter, bread and plantain chips.

4. I placed an order on Amazon and received a $5 credit for choosing regular shipping instead of expedited shipping. This $5 will be used toward the next order. $5 is $5- alhamdulillah for surprise savings like these.

5. We incurred a $3.25 fine on our library card. I’m pretty good with renewing/ returning library items on time alhamdulillah, but this one slipped my mind because there were some periodicals that were due earlier than the other items. Paying fine is not frugal but I’d decided not to worry about past money mistakes, irrespective of the amount. Worrying doesn’t change anything. Instead, I learn from the mistake and move on.

Did you do anything frugal this week?



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