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5 Frugal Things This Week 1/19/18


  1. All the meals and desserts were homemade from scratch by me, no frozen pizza either. On one occasion, we encountered a no lunch situation for Mr. Simplymuslimmom, so I made rice and curried tuna for him to brown bag his lunch. It took me less than 10 minutes and the cost was less than a $1.

2.I bought a Lodge cast iron pan for $7.56. I have been waiting for a while to get a good deal on a cast iron pan, finally the wait paid off. It’s originally sold for $25 at I also found a set of 2 All Clad frying pans that came down to $59 from $99, but decided not to become a frying pan hoarder ;). It’s a good deal only if you really need the items.

Lodge LCS3 Cast Iron Chef's Skillet, Pre-Seasoned, 10-inch

3. I returned a few things to Kohl’s that didn’t work out for us. I chose to go there in the morning to avoid lines and it worked well alhamdulillah. I saw a beautiful, faux silver long necklace on sale that would go perfectly with my hijab but decided not to bring home yet another fashion jewelry. I would rather save up and buy fine jewelry instead.


4. I said no a box of free Lego. I also said no to dusty rose color hijab. The hijab looked divine but I’m trying be more careful with my hijab purchases.


5. The kids needed t shirts and pants for summer so I kept an eye on summer clothes. I bought exactly the number of items that we needed, defying the temptation of buying multiple low cost items. This shopping endeavor set me back around $17 which includes 1 jeans and 3 long sleeve cotton t shirts. The shipping was free at




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