Frugal Tips

5 Frugal Things from This Week

1. I choose not to be a part of a disposable world and try to consume mindfully. A part of this practice is to repair and mend as much as I can, even if the cost(time/money) is more to repair an item than to replace it. I mended a reusable shopping bag that cost 99 cents. One of the handles was falling apart and after spending a few minutes with thread and a needle, the bag is good as new.


2. A few things are on my to alter and mend list and I was able to accomplish 1 of them- Simplumuslim dad’s pants. It took me about 30 minutes and I listened to the Quran while I mended :). I did blind hem to alter the pants- the stitch thread is mostly invisible, quite a feat considering its a pair of corduroy pants. He is happy, I’m happy.

3. I had 2 overripe bananas to use up and thankfully I have a picture this time ;). One of my kids was under the weather and asked for muffins. And the wish was granted- banana muffins.

4. I also used up some milk that was a little over best by date and made pop overs. While the recipe was good, the clean up was not so much as the batter tends to stick to the muffin cups, all 12 of them. Quite high maintenance clean up in my book.

Image result for pop over


5. I sold a t-shirt on Poshmark.






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