Frugal Tips

5 Frugal Things From This Week

1. I made most of the meals, snacks and desserts at home except for chips and bread. A pizza from Trader Joe’s that served for 2 brown bag lunches for simplymuslim dad. I was feeling rather tired after one long and hectic day and made pasta with chicken and broccoli instead of ordering take outs.

2. I used up a few wrinkly apples and some puff pastry dough and turned them into an apple pie. The apple peels were enjoyed by our pets and the cores were cut into pieces and used in an apple muffin recipe. I also had a lonely egg yolk that was incorporated into a frittata.

3. I went to an annual banquet for an organization where I volunteer and wore the clothes that I had already- my little black dress and black slacks from Kohl’s, a black cardigan from Talbot and shoes from Famous Footwear. I love great capsule items that come handy at times likes these.


4. I ended up purchasing the All Clad hard anodized frying pans, it’s a set of 2 pans, 10″ and 8″. My current pans (same size set as the All Clad) are from Calphalon and I have been using them pretty much everyday for the last 9 years. The small one has still has some life in it so I will keep using it. I waited for some time before I bought the All clad pans and the price dropped from $59 to $47 and I got a $4 off promotional discount making the deal even sweeter. I like the efficiency of non stick pans without the toxins in them and hard anodized pans should work well for my needs. I have heard good things about All Clad and look forward to using them.


5. I got rid of 4 bags of household items- clothes, shoes, decorations items etc. Some of the items were brand new and like new but these items clutter the house so they had to go. I gave away a long sweater that I bought for myself- I loved the color but it looked rather unflattering because of the cut of the sweater and I’m not a big fan of 3/4 sleeves either.

I also donated 2 bags of books that we won’t be using anymore. Parting with books are getting easier for me now after much practice ;D.

A new perpetual donation bag has been started and I added a stack of C.D and a headband already.

What frugal adventures have you been up to?

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