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5 Frugal Things from This Week

Here are 5 frugal things from this week

1. All the meals and snacks were made at home from scratch. Chips and bread were bought from Trader Joe’s.


2. We brown bagged the meals that were eaten away from home. Reusable lunch bag, Pyrex container, silverware and a cloth napkin are what it makes this meal a zero waste endeavor.


3. I made garlic roles using up a store-bought pizza dough from Trader Joe’s. I used a mixture of olive oil and melted butter to spread on the pizza dough, sprinkled garlic powder and rolled from outside in and then baked at 400 degrees for around 12 minutes. I drizzled butter/ olive oil before serving- not a crumb was left.

4. Simplymuslimmom dad loves his coffee- which he takes in a reusable mug regularly. The coffee tastes great without having to spend any extra buck$ anywhere- another zero waste endeavor alhamdulillah.


5. simplymuslim kid needed warmer tops for winter. I shopped at home aka looked through my bins where I store kids’ clothes to grow into and found 2 mock neck t-shirts in beige and purple that I bought from Macy’s a while ago. Not having to go to stores or spend time sorting through websites is a great thing at this time of the year.

Did you do anything frugal this week?

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