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13 Ways to Save Money on Essential Oils

Essentials oils are really popular these days.These oils are are in use for thousand of years for many purposes- from Pharaohs’ preferred way to smell good to dissipate 21st century stress and anxieties. My family has benefited from using these oils (Black seed oil, Argan oil, Lavender oil to name a few) but these oils come with a price tag. So, here are 11 frugal ways to save money on essential oil- from how to buy them to how to stretch them-

1. Learn about essential oils –

Do your homework first before you start shopping for essential oils. Find out if the oils are right for you, talk to a trained aromatherapist or holistic practitioner to make informed decision. Learn about different oils, know their risks and benefits, and be aware of the fine prints on the bottle. Be sure to ask around for testimonials and read reviews before you buy an oil. Experimenting with oils can cost you and you may end up not using a lot of the oils. Wasted oils = wasted money, not frugal. You can go to a health food store and try the essential oil samples they offer. Once you’ve done your homework, decide which oil/s is right for you.

2. Which oils to buy-

Cheap oils do not save you money. They are poorly made and you won’t get the benefit from these oils. There are many companies that make essential oils these days. I have used Aura Cacia, DoTerra, NOW, Amazing Herbs etc. I have heard good things about Young Living, Hopewell but have not used them personally. The price varies from brand to brand, so choose oil from a company that offers great quality oils that fits your budget. I compared prices for orange oil between the following brands to give you an idea-

NOW- 30 ml $6.99

Hopewell- 30 ml $12.25

DoTerra- 30 ml- $28 (2 bottles)

Mountain Rose Herbs- 30 ml $7.50

Edens Garden– 30 ml $14.95


3. Single oils-

You can save on single oils if you stock up on a few bottles when a deal/sale is available. I have seen Aura Cacia and NOW brands on sale at Whole Foods occasionally. Mountain Rose is having a sale on essential oils now so you can get your favorite oils from them at a discounted rate. I don’t recommend buying a lot of oils since they have a variable shelf life.

4. Oil kits-

A few essential oils companies sell kits that come with a number of oils. These kits have oils for common and special uses and are offered at a discounted price. This is a great way to save money on oils only if you have a use for almost all the oils that comes in a kit. It is not budget friend if you purchase a kit of 15 oils and 5 of them have no use for you. One way to take advantage of the kits is to split the cost and the oils with a friend. If you can’t split the cost and don’t need the extra bottle of oils, you are better off with singe oil purchased on a sale.

5. Use oils sparingly-

Essential oils are concentrated oils and last a long time if used sparingly. A 5 ml bottle can have 85-100 drops. And you don’t have to use a drop every time. You can get away with sniffing or breathing in from a bottle without using it topically. Another frugal way is to put your fingertip on top of bottle, tilt the bottle so you have a little oil on your fingertip and use it topically. A little oil goes a long way.

6. Stretch oils to last longer-

Use a carrier oil to stretch your essential oils. It’s not only cheaper but also safer. Choose a carrier oil that works for you. There are many options available- coconut oil, almond oil, grape seed oil etc. Pick the one that works for you. I prefer coconut oils from Trader Joe’s.

7. Use a roller ball-

Roller balls work great if you use these oil often topically. Mix single oil or oil blends with a carrier oil and add them to a roller ball. Diluting the oils is both frugal and safer- win win.

8. Make you own oil blends-

Oil blends are useful for many purposes- from calming anxiety to reduce pain. But they are not cheap since each oil blend is comprised of a number of oils. I like to mix my own blends and love to make citrus blends, a mix of citrus oils. I also like the combination (or contrast) of orange and lavender. Pinterest has many ideas on how to make your own blends. You can use these blends in your roller balls as well.

9. Diffuser-

 Buying a diffuser is optional. You don’t have to buy an oil diffuser to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. Diffusers use up a lot of oil and the cost can add up rather quickly. It’s also one less thing to worry about ( keep/clean/store). You can use a spritz bottle and spray instead of using a diffuser.

However, if you must use a diffuser then buy the one that fits your budget and has mostly positive reviews. Also, buy good quality but cheaper oils that has more ounce per bottle for your diffuser.

10. Store well-

Essential oil are volatile and can go bad if not stored properly. If you want your essential oils to last longer, store them in a cool, dry place, keep them away from light and heat (avoid storing in the kitchen). Keep the lids tightly closed when not in use. The best place to store them is the fridge for an extended shelf life.

11. Use it up-

Got a last drop that won’t get out of your bottle? Fill it with with a carrier oil and use it up. Or, add baking soda to absorb the oil and use as a scrub for your face or hand. Just make sure you’re skin is not sensitive to the oil that you will be using, practice caution. Also, find uses for all of your oils before they expire.The oils have a shelf life and if you have a number of oils that you have no use for (from a set may be), give them as a gift before leaving them on the shelf. You can use the oils for making body scrubs, in cleaning agents and in the spritzers. Pinterest has many ideas for oils.

12. Use and alternative-

Still find essential oils out of reach? Here are a few alternatives that we found useful. We have used homeopathy cream instead of essential oils. Ruta Graveolens is a great substitute for relieving all sorts of pain. It relieved and cured carpal tunnel pain for my family and worked wonders for minor injuries. I have used whole or ground spices for certain issues, like chewing a whole clove or powdered clove was really helpful for toothache instead of using clove oil. Herbal tinctures are good to have in your remedy cabinet. And there is no alternative for good old patience and time.

13. Do without-

Yes, you can do without using the essential oils. It’s ok that your hand soaps and bathroom cleaners are not infused with essential oils. Your hands and bathrooms will be clean none the less. You don’t need to mop your floor with essential oils nor do you need to add them to your baking goodies.

Don’t use essential oils if you can’t fit them into your budget. There are other alternative remedies that are quite beneficial and easy on your wallet. You do not need to jump into the essential oil band wagon if you can’t afford it.



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I hope you can stretch your oils and your budget using these tips. Feel free to share other frugal ways.

Disclaimer- I am not affiliated with any essential oil companies, all opinions are my own. Please consult your health care practitioner before using any remedy and essential oil.

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